All posts on Manikui have been written by me and no other authors. I sometimes reblog other people’s work as I appreciate and love their work dearly. I also sometimes do guest posts with people where I will state who the other writer is and not take credit myself and I will try to include ways to contact them.


You will be notified if I ever do any sponsored posts. They will have the symbol ‘~’ in the title.

Sponsored posts will include all of my own opinions and I promise to only do sponsored posts with brands whose products I love. I will also state whether or not I have received a sample within any sponsored posts. Any requested posts from brands will include the brand name. I will only take part if I am interested in the concept and feel my followers will enjoy reading a post on the requested topic.


The photographs on my blog are mostly mine. There are a few exceptions with photographs when they are in a reblogged post as they obviously are not mine. I also sometimes use photographs that I have found on Google/Pinterest and I will try my best to attach the photo with a link of where I have got it from (so you can see exactly where it is from when you click on the photo). I have not linked the photos that I have taken as I strictly prohibit the use of my photographs without my permission. Go to the contact page to find ways of contacting me for permission.


I hope to spread positivity on my blog and I will expect the same in the comments sections. Constructive criticism is welcome but hateful comments are not appreciated and can be blocked/deleted. Think before you comment and I will do the same with my writing. I will occasionally discuss controversial topics and a discussion in the comments is welcome but senseless arguments are not. I also would appreciate it if you could use the comments as a place just to talk about the posts and not use it as a place for spam.


Finally, I express my own opinions on my blog so they may not always be “right”. Read what I say to gain an idea about topics but always keep in mind that your opinion can always be different (which is totally fine).


I hope you enjoy all the posts on my blog and let me know if anything offends you or if you would prefer to see more of something on my blog and I will most definitely consider it. If I have left anything out, please don’t hesitate to contact me as I am open to any thoughts and queries.

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