Arijit Singh | Live in Concert | 16.07.16

10 days ago. At this time. I was watching Arijit Singh perform all his hit songs. It was probably one of the greatest days of my life. He sang for almost 4 hours with a 30 minute break in between. He sang his favourite songs – his own and ones by others. Him singing Zara Sa and a handful of Atif Aslam songs caught me completely off guard! I enjoyed every moment as he had composed them in a rock-style manner. It was 10x better than I expected and, trust me, I was expecting a lot!


I went to his show in the SSE Arena in Wembley and the crowd, for the most part, were electric! I think we caught Arijit Singh by surprise by singing his songs a lot louder than him haha. It’s clear because he got us to sing Main Tenu Samjhawan Ki SO many times. I’m glad he enjoyed it!

I honestly found myself just shouting the lyrics to compensate for the lack of singing from people around me. The only noise they made was when they tapped on their phones to talk to their friends on Whatsapp. I will never understand why some people think the people across the other side of their phone are more important than singing your heart out for a singer you’ve spent a substantial amount of money just to see! You can meet your friends for free on another day?! Relax and enjoy the moment, that is, Arijit Singh singing so effortlessly and beautifully right in front of you!!!

I, myself, was wary of recording too much and not enjoying the moment. With that said, I have a few recordings on my phone from the concert that I watch now and again but most of the concert has been locked in my brain. I also made sure I enjoyed myself even whilst recording. Ain’t nobody gonna sit still and get fancy recording because these 20 seconds of recording WILL NOT and CAN NOT put a pause on my excitement. Besides, the guy in front of me seemed to be recording it all so do I really have to? I am sure it is probably on Youtube right now ready for me (and for everybody else who decided to pick fun over fancy recording) to sit and watch again to experience a mixture of excitement and concert blues.

Arijit Singh spoke a little between a few songs and he touched upon all the upsetting shootings and the upsetting incidents currently happening around the world. He said the only way he could overcome the fear and the depression due to that is by singing and there he sang the night away. That was nice.


It was definitely worth the money and I’d go again next year without a doubt! We love you Ariijt! ❤

*Header picture taken from his official facebook:


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