Badlapur | Review

This is the only thing I can think about doing after watching the most intense film I have ever watched. I can understand why this got an adult certificate because it really does not shy away from showing you what disgusting things people can do for revenge. This film is about a man named Raghav, nicknamed Raghu in the film and played by Varun Dhawan, who loses his wife and son in a bank robbery. Raghu goes out to find the killers to seek his revenge. In the midst of all the revenge, he finds himself becoming a criminal (of what? you may ask… well, you’ve got to watch the film to find out). All this happens very early on in the film so I am not really giving you much of a spoiler. It’s the subsequent events and how they unfold which will keep you at the edge of your seat. It’s how the audience finds itself somewhat rooting for Raghu and Laik (played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui) at random moments in the film even though they are committing such awful sins. It’s how every character introduced to you in the film plays a part in Raghu’s story and what Raghu does to fulfil his revenge. Those are only just a few reasons as to why you should go ahead and watch this film.

Have a look at the trailer (it has English subtitles!):

I don’t know which actor to start applauding first because they were all brilliant. I’ll start off with Varun Dhawan only because it amazes me how this was only just his fourth film. He had no experience in playing such a dark role in a dark film like this before so I can only imagine how difficult it must have been for him. I remember watching one of his interviews where he said he really got lost into the character (Raghu) and it actually started to affect his personal life in a negative way. I can understand why. Raghu was a character of many dark shades. With every dark deed, Raghu carried his love for his wife and son. It seemed as if this love numbed his pain to allow the simple man to take such a huge revenge.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s performance as Laik in this film will blow you away. The scene where he acts as if he has a broken leg in front of the other inmates will just make you glare at him the way he does in the cinema when he sits down and treats himself to a film. You cannot question his talent. His character was definitely the most interesting and I had a question mark in my mind about his intentions throughout the film. One of the last scenes with him and Varun answered all my questions.

That is something I really like about the film. They tied up the ends. There were scenes which ended abruptly and left the rest of the dialogue up to your imagination but you still could work out correctly what had happened due to the events which later took place. It was a very clever thriller and I really liked that aspect about it.

The rest of the cast were fantastic. All were introduced superbly by the director, Sriram Raghavan. Usually in a film with a large cast, it is quite hard to keep track on whose story is what and what relevance each character has in the overall plot. However, the director allowed each actor to come in and play their character to their best ability so that they could be remembered by the audience. You never forget a single character in this film and that is the beauty of it. Each character can send a chill down your spine and that is merely because of the great performances each actor delivered and the director’s finesse.

The music in the film is eerie and one of a kind for Bollywood. I cannot believe it has such a heavenly song like ‘Jeena Jeena’ in the album alongside ‘Jee Karda’ which has the creepiest lyrics I have ever heard in a song. Don’t let that put you off. Have a listen to it.

I don’t know if I do have anything bad to say about the film but I don’t think I have given myself enough time to be critical about it. The only thing I can say is that it might be a little too dark and a little too heavy for some so be careful. You will realise in the first five minutes. I did.

5/5 from me.


2 thoughts on “Badlapur | Review

  1. Great review and I totally agree with you. I was blown away by both main actors. Nawaz we expect to be excellent, but Varun showed me acting like I never imagined he was capable of.

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