Happy Diwali!

Happy Diwali to those who have celebrated! Here’s a photo filled post to let you know what I had been up to during my Diwali celebrations. Enjoy!

We always decorate this idol of Ganesha on Diwali. However, this time, he was joined by the little Krishna!

The picture above is from another part of our living room decorations. This is actually a fountain and the water flows from the top down the bottom. We turn it on sometimes but it isn’t on in this picture.

This has nothing to do with Diwali since you can eat jalebi and fafda whenever you please. However, my mum bought lots of this just a few days before Diwali so I definitely devoured it on the morning of Diwali.

Here is a picture of all the rangoli colours that my mum and her friend used to decorate the floor with. My dad and I had to finish the design off since my mum and her friend didn’t have time to complete it. I definitely need more practice at it…

Above is a picture of some malai kofta that my auntie so sweetly learnt and made on the day because my mum must have told her how much I ADORE it. It wasn’t sweet or as green as the malai kofta that I am used to from a very popular restaurant. I am guessing that it must have been a different type of kofta dish. Regardless, it was extremely tasty and quite spicy. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

My other auntie brought some different coloured rice. It tasted amazing and looked so fabulous!

We handed out an assortment tin that we made ourselves. We filled it with some Celebrations chocolates, Quality Street chocolates and LOTS of mithaai. We also kept one little space for cashew nuts for those who don’t have a sweet tooth. Can you name all the types of mithaai we offered?

To end the night, we did LOTS of fireworks. These are just a few of the ones that we had. The ones that are missing are two assortment boxes with mostly fountains and smaller rockets.

We had tonnes of sparklers left over from last year and some packets came out of the assortment boxes. We went through all of them trying to get the perfect sparkler photo! My brother managed to get a full circle whilst the rest of us just got pictures of distorted C’s.

There we are failing but having lots of fun.

Hope you had a safe and great Diwali if you celebrated. If not, hope you just had an awesome day and enjoyed the joy of this festival through my post. 🙂


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