My Old Dutch | 19.10.15

I went to the My Old Dutch restaurant with my friends for a big birthday bash breakfast since all our birthdays are clumped together at the end of October. My two friends went for the special pancake which is on the left of the picture above. They struggled to finish it as they were both all chocolate-d out haha. I went for the banana, chocolate, sprinkles pancake with an addition of 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream! Since it was £5 pancake Mondays, my massive sweet flat pancake was cheaper than the special and very delicious. I finished it all and was completely full for the whole day.

As for the restaurant, it was incredibly busy on the Monday due to its great offer! The service was splendid and the restaurant was very nicely decorated.

The food was delicious and the prices on the menu were quite high for some dishes. Although, this is no surprise as we were in the heart of London city. Also, the food that was delivered was nicely presented and incredibly warm so if you want to make your stomach happy and maybe not your wallet then this is the place to go.

Visit their website to see if their menu is in your budget or if it has dishes that will satisfy your rumbling stomach then click: here.



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